Services 25 Years of Marine Excellence 
Serving Tampa Bay & St. Petersburg Florida
Pelcian provides service, repairs, parts, and installation for all boatlift manufacturers.
We can also provide designs, manufacture parts and provide referals for other dock and marine contractors for all your boating service needs.

Call us today to schedule a consultation or inspection and discover what the “Pelican Man” can do for you!

Our Services included:

- Boat Lift, Davits, Cradle Lifts, and Hoists Maintenance.
- Emergency calls.
- Service and repair, adjustments.
- Boat Lift and Davit Installations
- Boatlift Service Inspections


Lubricate all drive units
Grease all fittings
Check worm gears and bull gears
Align the drive pulleys
Check drive belts and belt tension
Check cables and make necessary adjustments
Check winding drum bearings
Check sheaves
Check lift mounting hardware and pile mount bolts
Check for visible signs of electrolysis

If we do find any other problems with your lift, we will contact you with an estimate for recommnded repairs.

Additional Services:
- Hurricane preparations
- Seasonal insepctions, grease fittings, cable and bunker adjustments.
- Piliing Inspections
- Dock accessories and Installations (Ladders, bumpers, cleats, etc.)

We work with most major brand name manufactures such as Davit Master and can provide custom manufacturer parts when needed for items that may no longer be manufacturered.
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